Zachary Scot Johnson's debut CD, "Moment Of Clarity" is a brilliant and stripped-down set featuring 14 songs. Most of these songs are originals, except where noted. Zach sang and played all instruments.

Free downloads of some songs available right here.

The fourteen tracks include:

1. Autumn Moon (4:16)
2. Ain't Gonna Let You Tear Me Up Again (4:39)
3. Someone Else's Dream (5:06)
4. Top of the World (Patty Griffin) (7:21)
5. The Rain (4:32)
6. Colors of Your Love (4:05)
7. A Case of You (Joni Mitchell) (6:45)
8. Passionate Pauses (4:26)
9. Comfort Of Your Arms (5:44)
10. Goodnight (2:29)
11. Take It With Me (Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan) (4:24)
12. Save Me (5:29)
13. Moment Of Clarity (middle piano improv based on "Moon" by George Winston) (14:55)
14. Let Me Tell You I Love You Now (3:06)

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