Nearing the end of his ongoing 2-year 'Moment of Clarity' tour, Zachary Scot Johnson played the legendary Shank Hall in Milwaukee (famous for not only it's wonderful facilities, but for playing a major part in 'Spinal Tap') on October 12, 2006, opening for Martin Zellar. Armed only with his Martin guitar, a batch of new songs being recorded for his next cd and a cold, he performed a short set that included songs from 'Moment of Clarity' ('The Rain'), new songs ('I've Been Here', 'Rewind', 'One Good Reason Why') and favorite covers (Donovan's 'Catch The Wind', Lucinda Williams' 'Essence', Linda Ronstadt's 'Different Drum' and John Prine's 'Angel From Montgomery). The show happened to be recorded and though Zach stated that the show wasn't particularly unique from any other show on the tour, he wanted to let this great soundboard recording be heard by anyone that wanted to download it for free. This will be up for a limited time, so download now and enjoy!

Shank Hall, 10-12-2006
1. Catch The Wind
2. Essence
3. The Rain
4. I've Been Here
6. Different Drum
7. One Good Reason Why
8. Angel From Montgomery

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