Zachary Scot Johnson

Tour Dates 2009

January 3 Ginkgo Coffeehouse St. Paul, MN
January 5 Schubas (w/ Brian Vander Ark) Chicago, IL
January 10 Acoustic Cafe Eau Claire, WI
January 24 McAullife's Pub (w/ The Andes) Racine, WI
January 29 331 Club Minneapolis, MN
February 21 McAullife's Pub (w/ The Andes) Racine, WI
February 23 TBA New York, NY
March 6 SPACE (w/ Richard Shindell) Evanston, IL
March 7 George's (w/ The Andes) Racine, WI
May 2 Racine Theatre Guild (w/ Mark Paffrath and Jeff Ward) Racine, WI
May 7 Abbey Pub (w/ The Greencards) Chicago, IL
May 15-24 Gremlin Theatre ("Teach Me Tonight") St. Paul, MN
May 30 Sixth St. Theatre ("Theatre Schmeatre") Racine, WI
June 6 Bloomin Days Festival (w/ The Andes) Kenosha, WI
June 13 Sixth St. Theatre (w/ Tomaloff, Specht and LaFond) Racine, WI
July 23 Route 15 (w/ Brian Vander Ark) Greenville, WI
August 9 Bluebird Cafe Nashville, TN
August 18 Concert In the Park Fish Creek, WI
August 29 Ginkgo Coffeehouse St. Paul, MN


Tour Dates

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