The amazing, incredible Shawn Colvin. Zach opened for her this night in Madison, WI. She's the best there is.

With the incredible Julianne Moore.

With the fantastic Jane Siberry in Chicago. Zach opened for her this evening. She's an amazing, wonderful artist.

With George Marinelli, a fantastic musician. Bonnie Raitt's guitarist, and works with everyone else in the world plus makes great music all by himself. Very cool guy and Zach is proud to call him a friend.

With Jon Cleary, an amazing pianist and singer. Also in Bonnie's band.

With Kim Cattrall, star of "Sex and the City" in London. Second picture also with Megan Flod.

With Jeff Daniels, actor, playwright and singer/ songwriter extraordinaire. Zach's favorite theatrical role was in Jeff's play, "Boomtown".

With Bill Nighy, a wonderful actor and very nice man.

With Kate Nelson.

With former voice teacher Rico Serbo.

With Brad Behrmann, a creative genious, the most kind person there is and an all-around amazing individual.

With Bridget Reischl, rehearsing for "Zach Johnson and Friends, Vol. 2".

At a business meeting, with some of Zach's all-time favorite people, including the incredible Brad Lindert.

With Gary Cole, of "Office Space" and other movies, tv, etc. He may not be a "friend", persay...

With Janice Martin, world-reknowned musician. A fellow Racine native.

With Jonathon Roberts, an amazing friend and all-around genious. His talent knows no bounds and will not be restrained.

With Maryl McNally, another amazing friend. Her talent inspires all around her.

With violin professor, Stephane Tran Ngoc after Zach's senior violin recital at Lawrence University in February, 2006.

More to come very soon!

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